05 - 09 January 2023

About JTR


Jewellery Exporters' Association is a semi-governmental non-profit association, which was founded in July 2003 with the decision of the Council of Ministers of Republic of Türkiye and is affiliated with Ministry of Economy. The Association has more than 1000 member companies recently and has been a fundamental organization that fosters jewellery exports, prompts exporters to reach more markets abroad and to secure a greater share in these markets.

Basic aims of Jewellery Exporters' Association can be addressed as follows:

· Guiding the export activities of member firms.

· Providing sectoral collaboration

· lmproving the export volume of the sector in line with the benefits of our country

· Carrying out all documentary work concerning export operations

· Ensuring guidance for foreign importers to meet the right producers in Türkiye

· Resolving problems faced by members arising from legal transactions and any problem related with export activities

· Performing better promotion of the sector in the international domain,

In regard to the aims above, the Association organizes seminars, trade fairs and exhibitions to introduce Turkish jewellery products to World markets; organizes trade missions from Türkiye to potential export markets, and buying missions from multiple different countries to Türkiye; fosters cooperation with other organizations considered key partners in achieving the Association's objectives; follows up the recent arrangements in international law and foreign trade regulations of importer countries and keep the members informed; prepare market reports for selected key markets and sub-sectors; prepare reports about the export performance of the sector on regular basis.